About Us

About BSiP Alliance

BSiP Alliance is a socially-focused organisation, dedicated to strengthen the business and socio-cultural relationships between Bulgaria and Singapore. We are passionate about helping Bulgarian businesses enter and succeed in Asia, as well as helping companies in Singapore discover and leverage the potential of Eastern Europe both as a market and an entry point for the rest of Europe.

As a socially-focused entity, BSiP Alliance will donate a portion of its profits for socially important causes, related to the business. We believe that an inclusive business model, based on social well-being, is key for creating a stable and sustainable environment for business growth.

Who we are 

BSiP Alliance is a limited liability partnership. The founding partners have spent a significant amount of time living in Singapore and working as full time professionals in large business and educational organisations. We are very well connected and we know how things work in this part of the world. We are willing to share it with you.

We are successful in our full-time careers and are not looking for large profits. We just want to make a difference.

Our business and community affiliates bring unique set of skills and professional expertise from sectors such as public and private finance, marketing, F&B, tourism, education, IT, engineering, shipping and others.

We are actively engaged with the Bulgarian community in Singapore, working with the Bulgarian honorary consulate to ensure all necessary attention is given to the growing number of enquiries from businesses and individuals.

In 2015 BSiP Alliance was nominated for a Member of the Board and National Business Group (NBG) representative for Bulgaria at the European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore). This nomination is a clear recognition of our commitment to what we do. Subsequently, in 2020 BSiP Alliance joined the Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (CEEC Singapore) as one of its founders.

Our mission


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